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What is a podcast?     

A podcast is an mp3 audio file with content as varied as spoken word interviews, lectures, seminars,  speeches, church services, infomercials and in certain cases even *music.  Podcasts can be the ramblings of a solo amateur in front of a lone microphone, to the very highly produced, with narration, sound effects and music beds giving the listener a very polished and professional sound. Think of each podcast being a unique and separate, self contained little radio show.

How long is a podcast?  

Podcasts can be any length from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. I now try to keep mine around the 3 to 5 minute mark, which enables me to include short audio interview clips, testimonials, etc.  Short enough to be entertaining and informative without losing the listener.

Podcast Promo Pitch #1

The beauty of podcasting is the  ability to download it quickly with little fuss and then listen to it at your convenience, either on your computer or your portable mp3 player or in your car. It’s sort of the rebirth of radio, with the listener in control.  

How can podcasting help our business? 

If you’re a single retail outlet, I suggest a podcast geared towards telling your customers (longtime and potential new ones) who you are and what sort of things you stock. Special deals and discounts are always a great start. 

If you represent a number of merchants (ie: a mall, shopping centre, or neighbourhood Business Improvement Association) podcasting can be the perfect medium. Inserting a few short merchant interview clips as part of  each podcast and incorporating any promotions/events you may be running helps to get the word out to whole new audience. Interesting, informative and entertaining content is what will keep listeners coming back.

Still have questions? 

Check under “What’s involved”.

*Music podcasts are a whole other ball game due to copywrite infringement and royalty issues.